Saturday April 20 , 2019
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People are Important!


 People are important! They, through their skills and abilities are pivotal to an effective, efficient workforce.

Continuous personal development through training is something all of us should strive to do at any age. Learning through quality training stimulates the mind to take stock of what is considered to be known and stretch that mind, it enables confirmation therefore continued confidence in some aspects, whilst providing a platform for new knowledge to be learned.

Some of us do this from our own wish to self-improve others follow required training programs.

We are proud to be in the position of being able to have three young persons employed as part of our workshop staff, which we are encouraging through an apprenticeship system, furthered by our experienced and established team who can act as mentors, providing additional in-house guidance in aspects of work not covered by the college environment.

Young persons are important to our future and the future stability of the industry and we believe in giving them every opportunity to grow and develop.